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Aside from providing our community the opportunity to experience all the wonders of classical music at the heart of Fremont County, the Royal Gorge Philharmonic is also providing a platform for musicians from all over the state to showcase their passion and talent. 

Live music helps stimulate our brain, relieve stress, strengthen relationships, and improve the overall quality of life. These are benefits that the whole community will get to experience through our live concerts at the Steeple Event Center and other outdoor venues in Fremont County.

The Royal Gorge Philharmonic strives to create an impact for our community both locally and socially through each performance that’s filled with creativity and diversity. If you believe in our mission and the influence and importance of fine arts to the growth of a community, we are inviting you to join us. 

You can be part of the Royal Gorge Philharmonic’s journey in becoming the premiere producer of classical music performances in Fremont County, Colorado and its surrounding areas. Ticket sales cover less than 40% of the cost of producing a live performance event while our donors provide important, additional support for the organization. The Royal Gorge Philharmonic needs the help of our sponsors, so we can bring life to the community through our love of classical music! 

Thriving performing arts organizations are an important indicator of a community’s success, both economically and socially. The Royal Gorge Philharmonic sponsors will help make us into the premiere producer of classical music performances in Fremont County, Colorado.

Royal Gorge Philharmonic Sponsorship Levels

  • Elevation Sponsor ($500.00)
  • Alpine Sponsor ($1000.00)
  • Peak Sponsor ($2500.00)
  • Summit Sponsor ($5000.00 or more)

We understand that public recognition plays a big part in your decision to become a sponsor of the Royal Gorge Philharmonic. Your sponsorship will give your business many opportunities for exposure such as our full color season programs that will be distributed at all performances, marketing materials, social media, signages in every event with your name and logo on them, and many more. 

Your decision to help our organization climb to new heights with your sponsorship will also come with a customized package of benefits, depending on the sponsorship level you choose. It will be a partnership that will strengthen the foundation of fine arts in Fremont County and the presence of your business in the community!

We know that public recognition is an important part of your sponsorship decision. Each level of sponsorship includes a package of recognition opportunities. Help our organization climb to new heights with your sponsorship support today! The Royal Gorge Philharmonic is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

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