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Gone are the days of long commutes and expensive trips out of town to experience great classical music. The Royal Gorge Philharmonic is bringing you the passion and talent of many local professional musicians from all over the state without the need to leave Fremont County.  

Classical music brings a level of inspiration, relaxation, and happiness, unlike others. It influences sophistication that elevates your mood and relaxes your body, and it also plays a big part in your brain’s development. It’s an ageless form of entertainment that nurtures our mind, body, and soul. 

The Royal Gorge Philharmonic is your partner in giving our local community the chance to experience live moving concerts from a professional orchestra that will fill the hearts and souls of every person in the audience, no matter how old they may be. 

Express your love and appreciation for the fine arts by supporting the Royal Gorge Philharmonic through your donations! This is your opportunity to be part of our mission to bring classical music to our city by developing awareness, appreciation, and preservation in our community to continue inspiring people for generations to come. 

As we seek to improve the quality of life of every citizen in Cañon City, we would like to ask for your support through donations for the organization. Every donation will be used to help the Royal Gorge Philharmonic organize and produce events that are filled with inspiration, creativity, and diversity for everybody in the community to enjoy!

Donor Levels

  • Musician’s Circle ($50.00)
  • Principal’s Circle ($150.00)
  • Concertmaster’s Circle ($250.00)
  • Soloist’s Circle - ($350.00)
  • Conductor’s Circle - ($500.00 or more)

The Royal Gorge Region's First Ever Symphony Orchestra

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