Where will your concerts be held?

We are proud to host all of our musical events at The Steeple Event and Conference Center in the heart of Downtown Cañon City, just steps away from restaurants and shopping. So don't just come for a concert - enjoy an entire day of activities offered on our beautiful Main Street. 

Are you looking for musicians to join the Royal Gorge Philharmonic?

We are always happy to discover new talent in Fremont County! We are always looking for classically trained musicians who want to join our organization and be a part of Colorado's newest Philharmonic. Our conductor, Gerald Willis, is also a musician and is always meeting new musicians who want to join the Royal Gorge Philharmonic

What is a philharmonic?

A philharmonic is typically the proper name given to a symphony orchestra as chosen by the organizers. Symphony and philharmonic are terms that can be used interchangeably. A symphony orchestra is a classical orchestra that uses strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion instruments.

What kind of music does the Royal Gorge Philharmonic perform?

We pride ourselves on performing a wide variety of music to appeal to all interests. We perform both classical music and contemporary pieces as well. We also perform original pieces written and arranged by our very own conductor, Gerald Willis.

The Royal Gorge Region's First Ever Symphony Orchestra

Come Hear The Best Of Classical And Contemporary Favorites