The Launch of the Cañon City Chamber Orchestra

Celebrating Community and Music

2024-05-07 Royal Gorge Philharmonic

The Royal Gorge Region is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant community spirit, and now, it has added a new cultural jewel to its crown—the Cañon City Chamber Orchestra. This ensemble is set to enhance the musical landscape of Southern Colorado by uniting local musicians and music lovers through the power of orchestral music. As the newest affiliate of the esteemed Royal Gorge Philharmonic, the Chamber Orchestra aims to foster a love for both classical and contemporary music, enriching the community's cultural experience.

In tandem with the orchestra's debut, we are thrilled to announce the launch of its new website, generously donated by Sagentic Web Design. This digital platform offers everyone—from seasoned concertgoers to curious newcomers—an accessible gateway to explore the orchestra's vision, upcoming performances, and community involvement opportunities.

The highlight of this exciting launch is the inaugural concert, "A Mother’s Day Spring Symphony," promising an afternoon of melodious harmony and community celebration. Set to take place on May 11, 2024, at the Shepherd Of The Hills Lutheran Church in Cañon City, this event perfectly encapsulates the orchestra's mission to unite music and community. Detailed information about this special event is available on the newly launched website, ensuring that all those interested can join in this historic moment for Cañon City's cultural scene. Click here for concert details and more.

The Birth of the Cañon City Chamber Orchestra

Rooted deeply in the rich soils of community spirit and musical passion, the Cañon City Chamber Orchestra emerges as a vibrant new force in the local arts scene. This ensemble was conceptualized not just as a musical group but as a cultural institution, with the goal of harnessing the power of music to bring people together and enrich the community. It stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts of seasoned musicians, enthusiastic community members, and supportive local entities.

Under the mentorship of the Royal Gorge Philharmonic, renowned for its profound musical contributions and educational initiatives, the Chamber Orchestra is poised to carve out its unique identity. The Royal Gorge Philharmonic has been instrumental in guiding the Chamber Orchestra, sharing resources, expertise, and a vision for a musically enriched community. Gerald Willis, an esteemed conductor with decades of experience, plays a pivotal role in this collaboration, bringing his deep knowledge and passion for music to the forefront of this new venture.

The formation of the Cañon City Chamber Orchestra marks a significant milestone in Cañon City's cultural development. It aims to not only continue the tradition of orchestral music but to expand its reach by engaging with a broader audience. The orchestra's mission is to offer a platform for local musicians to showcase their talents while providing the community access to high-quality musical performances that span genres and epochs.

This initiative also serves as an educational platform, fostering musical understanding and appreciation among community members of all ages. Through workshops, community outreach programs, and school partnerships, the orchestra plans to ignite and nurture a lasting passion for music across diverse community segments.

As it sets the stage for its inaugural concert, the Chamber Orchestra is ready to demonstrate its commitment to making Cañon City a hub of musical excellence and community engagement. The ensemble not only seeks to entertain but also to inspire, creating a legacy of music appreciation that will resonate with future generations.

Launch of the New Website

A vital component of the Cañon City Chamber Orchestra's introduction to the community is the launch of its brand-new website, made possible by the generous support of Sagentic Web Design, a local Cañon City company located at 710 Main Street. This online presence is crucial as it provides a central hub for information, engagement, and interaction with both current supporters and new audiences. The website is designed to be user-friendly and informative, ensuring that everyone from potential patrons to aspiring musicians can easily navigate and find the information they need.

Here are some of the key features of the new website:

  • Concert Schedules and Bookings: Users can view upcoming performances, learn about the programs, and book tickets directly through the website.
  • Musician Bios: Profiles and bios of orchestra members, offering insights into the backgrounds and expertise of the musicians who bring each performance to life.

  • Educational Resources: Educational resources for private music lessons with our expert musicians and booking the orchestra for outreach events.

  • Community Engagement: Information on how the community can get involved with the orchestra, including volunteering opportunities, educational outreach, and sponsorship information.

  • Interactive Features: Including a blog for latest news, a sign-up section for newsletters to keep the community informed of upcoming events and orchestra updates, and social media integration to facilitate easier sharing and engagement.

  • Contact Information: Easy access to contact details for reaching out to the orchestra's management for collaborations, press inquiries, or general information.

As the Cañon City Chamber Orchestra is a brand new ensemble and is hosting its first concert this upcoming weekend, a media gallery has not yet been established. However, the website is designed to accommodate future additions, where visitors will be able to view past performances, interviews, and behind-the-scenes content that showcases the orchestra's community impact.

The website serves as a digital gateway for increasing the orchestra’s visibility and accessibility. It supports the Chamber Orchestra's mission to not only present concerts but also to become a pivotal cultural asset to Cañon City, fostering a deeper connection with the community it serves.

With these features, the new website promises to be an instrumental tool in drawing more community members into the orchestra’s fold, while providing an enriching experience that extends beyond the concert hall. The hope is that this digital platform will not only inform and entertain but also inspire greater participation and support from the community, helping to sustain and grow the orchestra for years to come.

A Mother’s Day Spring Symphony - Inaugural Concert

The Cañon City Chamber Orchestra proudly announces its inaugural concert, "A Mother’s Day Spring Symphony," a heartfelt celebration set to unfold on May 11, 2024. This concert will be held at the Shepherd Of The Hills Lutheran Church in Cañon City, known for its outstanding acoustics and welcoming atmosphere. The event is free to the public and provides an excellent opportunity for the community to come together and enjoy a spectacular musical showcase.

Concert Details:

  • Date: May 11, 2024
  • Time: 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
  • Venue: Shepherd Of The Hills Lutheran Church, Cañon City
  • Admission: Free

About the Program:

The "Mother’s Day Spring Symphony" offers a rich and varied program that spans classical masterpieces and modern compositions, reflecting the orchestra’s dedication to both tradition and innovation. Here’s a detailed look at the program for the afternoon:


  1. The Skyliners
    Composer: Jeffrey Bishop

  2. Habanera from the opera 'Carmen'
    Composer: Georges Bizet

  3. Ballet Parisian Movement 1 and 3
    Composer: Jaques Offenbach

  4. In Flanders Field
    Arrangement: G. Willis
    Composer: Roger Emerson

  5. Concerto VIII Op. 6 No. 8
    Composer: Arcangelo Corelli
    1. Vivace
    2. Grave
    3. Allegro
    4. Adagio-Allegro-Adagio
    5. Vivace
    6. Allegro
    7. Largo

  6. Toy Symphony
    Composer: F. J. Haydn
    1. Allegro
    2. Minuetto and Trio
    3. Finale- Allegro

  7. Ballet Parisian Movement 5 - 'Can Can'
    With Guest Conductor
    Composer: Jaques Offenbach

Why You Should Attend:

  • Celebrate Mother’s Day: What better way to honor the special women in our lives than with a memorable afternoon filled with beautiful music?

  • Experience Musical Diversity: The concert features a diverse range of musical styles, providing something appealing for every attendee.

  • Acoustic Excellence: Enjoy the superior sound quality of Shepherd Of The Hills Lutheran Church, which enhances the listening experience.

  • Support Community Music: By attending, you help support the mission of the Cañon City Chamber Orchestra to cultivate a love for the arts within the community.

Special Notes:
No tickets are required for this event, and seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis. The community is encouraged to join in this celebration of music, community spirit, and the arts.

The Cañon City Chamber Orchestra looks forward to welcoming you to this enchanting afternoon of music and unity. Join us as we embark on our journey to enrich the cultural fabric of our community through the universal language of music.

Community Engagement and Support

The establishment and launch of the Cañon City Chamber Orchestra have been a testament to the power of community collaboration and support. From local businesses to individual music enthusiasts, the orchestra has received a warm welcome and significant backing from various sectors of the community. This support not only speaks to the shared belief in the value of the arts but also to the commitment of Cañon City’s residents to enrich their cultural landscape.

Key Contributors and Their Roles:

  • Pikes Peak Musicians Local - Colorado Springs: This local musicians' union has provided invaluable support, offering both financial backing and professional advice to help get the orchestra off the ground.

  • American Federation of Musicians Performance Trust Funds - New York: This national organization for professional musicians has contributed funds that assist in covering performance costs, ensuring that concerts can be accessible to the public free of charge.

  • Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church: Beyond just hosting the inaugural concert, this venue has opened its doors for rehearsals and will continue to serve as a performance space for the orchestra, demonstrating a strong partnership in fostering community arts.

  • DARE Print & Sign Co.: Led by Jeorjia "DARE" Ewing and Erica Haferkamp, this company has taken on the branding and print marketing for the orchestra, crafting everything from logos to posters, ensuring that the orchestra’s visual presence resonates within the community.

  • Sagentic Web Design: Web development by Kenny Haferkamp and with social media marketing and publicity led by Erica Haferkamp, this firm has donated the orchestra’s website, creating a vital digital platform that connects the orchestra with the community and beyond.

Community Involvement Opportunities:

The Cañon City Chamber Orchestra is committed to becoming an integral part of the local cultural ecosystem, not just through performances but also by offering various ways for the community to get involved:

  • Volunteering: There are numerous volunteering opportunities ranging from event assistance at concerts to roles in marketing and administrative support.

  • Educational Outreach: The orchestra plans to launch educational programs and workshops that aim to inspire and train the next generation of musicians in the community.

  • Sponsorship: Local businesses can engage with the orchestra through sponsorship, gaining visibility in the community while supporting the arts.

The Impact of Community Support:

The support from these organizations and individuals ensures that the Cañon City Chamber Orchestra can achieve its mission of making classical music accessible to all residents of Cañon City and surrounding areas. It also allows the orchestra to plan and execute a broader range of programs, from free public concerts to intensive educational initiatives designed to nurture budding musicians.

This community-centric approach not only enhances the cultural offerings in Cañon City but also builds a foundation for sustained interest and participation in the arts, fostering a well-informed and enthusiastic audience for years to come. The orchestra deeply appreciates this communal support and looks forward to growing its partnerships and expanding its impact in the region.

Invitation to the Community

As we herald the debut of the Cañon City Chamber Orchestra, we extend a heartfelt invitation to the entire community to join us in celebrating not only our inaugural concert but also the ongoing journey of musical and cultural enrichment. The orchestra is more than a collection of musicians; it is a beacon of artistic expression and community connection, aiming to weave music into the fabric of everyday life in Cañon City.

Join Us for the Inaugural Concert:

  • Event: A Mother’s Day Spring Symphony
  • Date: May 11, 2024
  • Time: 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
  • Location: Shepherd Of The Hills Lutheran Church, Cañon City
  • Admission: Free

This concert is an ideal opportunity for the community to experience the transformative power of music, enjoying a blend of classical and contemporary pieces that celebrate both tradition and innovation. It’s a perfect afternoon outing for families, music enthusiasts, and anyone looking to enjoy a unique cultural experience.

How to Get Involved:

  • Attend Concerts: Your presence at our performances is the greatest encouragement. Check our website regularly for upcoming events.

  • Volunteer: We welcome volunteers with open arms. Whether you have experience in arts administration, event planning, or simply a desire to help, your time and skills can make a significant difference.

  • Become a Sponsor: Partner with us and see how your support can help sustain and grow the arts in Cañon City. It’s an opportunity for local businesses to gain visibility and demonstrate community leadership.

  • Donate: Contributions of any size are invaluable. They help fund concerts, educational programs, and the daily operations of the orchestra. We will add online donations soon, but you can donate in person the inaugurul concert this weekend.

Why Support the Arts?

Supporting the Cañon City Chamber Orchestra means fostering an environment where arts and culture thrive. It means contributing to a project that brings beauty and inspiration to our community, and that offers educational opportunities for our youth. Most importantly, it allows everyone to partake in creating and enjoying something truly magnificent.

The Cañon City Chamber Orchestra is more than just a musical ensemble; it is a movement towards a more harmonious community, enhanced by the richness of music. We invite each of you to be part of this exciting new chapter in Cañon City’s cultural story. Join us as we celebrate the incredible impact of music to connect, uplift, and inspire together.

Let’s fill our community with music and hearts with joy. We eagerly await your participation and support, ensuring that the arts continue to flourish in Cañon City. See you at the concert!